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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

ARRRRRGG! The swelling!

Well, shoot. I've had this stupid cast on my leg for a week and a day now, and it's driving me crazy!!! The worst part, I thought, was having to use the dad gum crutches. Now, as of yesterday, however, I've found the worst part is the current swelling!

Yesterday, at the end of the work day, my leg began throbbing, and the cast felt like a pumped-up blood pressure cuff on my calf and foot. The sweet baboo, having been a big city firefighter and rescue unit guy for 20 years, told me to sit down and put my foot up higher than my heart last night. That wasn't very lady like, me sitting on the couch with my foot propped up on the back of the it. It helped temporarily. But, again today, the bloating is back. I'm about to borrow the baboo's jigsaw to cut this damn thing off. May 15 is a long ways off.

After much pondering, I finally shut the door on the Florida job yesterday (they made me an offer last week). That's kind of a bummer. The thought of moving far away to a different land is intriguing. And, the possibility of furthering the career is nice too. However, the whole thing is not very practical.

What is more practical at the time being is the Towne & Country Shopper. Our deadline to get the first paper out (for May 4) is a week from today. It's falling together, and it looks like I'm going to be able to write a column for it as space permits! That will be cool. I'll be writing the first one about midlife crisis; and I'll be sure to post every column on my Web site on the "Reminiscin'" link.

Ran into a former co-worker yesterday while going to lunch with another former co-worker/friend. It was kind of ironic how the three of us now work for three different shopper-type papers in the same town, holding the same position at our respective papers; and the geographic locations of said three shoppers form a triangle on the same street and block in town -- and here we ran into each other at the same fast food restaurant on the same day. The former co-worker who I had not arranged to eat lunch with asked me what I was up to and how things were going at the home improvement warehouse. I told her about my new job; and then she asked apprehensively about my current squeeze.

It's to be expected that my girlfriends would ask with caution about the man. I'm sure they're figuring I'm going to say, "Aw ... he was a loser and I got rid of him a long time ago." But, it's very refreshing that is NOT the case, and I am indeed able to say that I can't find a dang thing about him I don't like. Oh, of course there's the usual man-type things, like grunting or nodding answers to questions, or not noticing or acknowledging when I'm upset or in a foul mood. That, however, doesn't compare to verbal and emotional abuse. He's truly a great friend and the best supporter I've ever had (other than my parents, of course). So, all is well -- and, gosh, it's lasted over 5 months now! I'm going for a new record.

The boys will be finishing up the school year in another month. I have mixed feelings about those guys, even though I love them more than life itself as any mother oughtta. For the most part, they give me no grief. The oldest one just completed a run as the lead in his high school drama department's production of "Beauty & the Beast." Ironically, he played the beast, a TV character for whom his father and I named him. He's going to his first prom in a few days, and the tuxedo is rented. The youngest one just got another Saturday school detention yesterday -- this one for throwing crumpled up wads of notebook paper at "a jerk" in class. He's constantly talking back to me, lying to me and manipulating me. He wears me out with his constant arguments and "why can't I this" or whatever. Although I do miss them during the summer while they're at their dad's, a part of me is looking forward to that peace and quiet this year.

My brother, Mike, and I went flea marketing last weekend. I was mainly in search of stuff for my new retro kitchen -- in particular Merry Mushroom stuff. I have plenty of canisters, salt shakers and such. I'm looking for curtains, switch plates/outlet covers, spoon rest, etc. I shouldn't have done all that walking around without the crutches, though, because I'm feeling the effects of it now.

Well, boys and girls, I'll sign off here. I'll be keeping you updated more often, hopefully. I've got lots of new info to post on the Web site this weekend (I hope), including the fact that the elusive Buster Bradley of 1978 diary fame is missing again. He was apparently "let go" from his last job at a Fort Wayne, Ind., radio station last June, and I have lost track of him. If any of you know his whereabouts now, please drop me a line at (No, I'm not stalking ... just like to keep up on the career.)



  • At 7:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Sorry you are having such problems with your cast. Gotta keep that leg elevated! Moving to a new town is a huge undertaking, especially now that you are making so many changes with your house. I found that moving is so stressful on the kids, especially if they're older, like yours (and mine). Keep your chin up and something right will come along.


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