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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Overweight & middle-aged?

Hey, what's happenin'?

Well, no comments on that last entry, 'eh? Sorry 'bout that. Another bummer, I reckon. I've just gotten lots of questions about some of my diary stuff and wanted to provide some background. It's cool.

I went back to the doc's yesterday & he poked around on my heel (the first visit, he just looked at it from afar). This time, when he actually felt it, he said, "Oh -- bless your heart." He said right off it felt like a bone spur & sent me for Xrays. I got a call today from his office, and the nurse there said I have a spur on the calcaneus. Hmmmmm .... as I figured, that's a fancy medical word for heel. He's made an appointment for me with an orthopedic surgeon and told me at the time of my visit that the surgeon would probably "whack the thing off." Well, all's I know is it hurts like crazy now.

I skipped work yesterday afternoon after the Xrays because I was in the middle of an 8-day gig at the local home improvement warehouse and my foot was hurting worse than ever. When I returned today, there were at least 24 boxes all lined up in the aisle by appliances, waiting to be cracked into and displayed -- refrigerators, ranges, washers & dryers. I spent 8 hours there on the cement doing nothing but opening those damn boxes with my wimpy-ass box cutter, busting the appliances out of the boxes, dragging them to empty spots and setting them up, along with carting off other appliances that were already on display that weren't supposed to be, to make room for the new ones I'd ordered for the display. It was a nightmare, and by far, the worst day I've spent at that wretched place in the 9 months I've been there. My foot was killin' me by the time my shift was over at 7, and I wasn't far from tears (have I mentioned I'm a wimp?).

Meanwhile, I'd told my dad about the calcaneal spur. As Dad is want to do, he researched it on the 'Net. The link he sent me was very informative and described my problem to a tee. However, the one part that sticks in my craw is this: "Most sufferers are people who are overweight and middle-aged. This is due to the shock-absorbing fat pillow under the foot shrinking over the years and becoming less effective." SAY WHAT?!! Now, THAT was uncalled for.

I'm not fat, but I do realize I'm overweight. Even more so since I've become happy in a relationship and don't have two grown men without jobs sucking me dry, in addition to two teen-age sons for whom I work to provide sustenance. Now, with the sweet baboo here, who is actually working and helping with bringin' home the bacon and such, I've been able to do some serious grocery shopping, and we're all putting on weight. However, these three scrawny guys can stand to put on the weight, and I can't! Diggin' for those Weight Watchers books tomorrow.

I talked to a chick at work who says she has a bone spur on one foot &, rather than surgery, she gets a cortezone (sp) shot every six months. When I asked her if it hurts, she replied, "Worse than having a baby." But she does it because she's too "chicken" to have an operation. I remember natural childbirth quite clearly. I told her, "I don't wanna have a baby every six months. I'd rather have the surgery." In fact, I'm dreaming about the chance to spend a day or two in the hospital and actually get off my feet and REST (and have people wait on me). This 9 hours a day on the concrete, never being allowed to sit down, is for the birds -- and the peons. I don't like being treated as a peon, and even worse, I hate having to work as one.

Got a couple things cooking, jobwise, though. Keep your fingers crossed for me please. Also, I've heard from a friend in Pennslyvania whose paper shut down, and she's out of job, so she can identify with being an "out of place" journalist. Sucks. Children -- don't choose journalism as your career field. Every time I run across a kid who asks me about it, honestly interested in it, I tell them, "You won't make any money. Pursue something else." Rocket science, perhaps.

Anywho ... Just one more day to go, and then I've got three days straight off in a row. I'm wanting to go on a serious ghost hunt overnight Saturday. Haven't been on one since last August when we went to the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs. This one is at a courthouse where there were lots of hangings. I'm still kicking it around because of my foot, but I think I'll probably go. Then, on Monday, I was gonna go shopping in Little Rock and bring my Dad because he likes to get out and do that like Mom and I did. Now, he's saying he doesn't want to; but I know that's for my own good. He wants me to stay off my foot. I say ... I'd like to do it now because I may be down for a bit after some surgery. Might as well limp around in pain now and enjoy going to the stores. A true shopper at heart, 'eh?

Well, I'm gonna sign off here. The search for the 1980-81 diaries continues .....



  • At 8:42 PM, Blogger meerelda said…

    Good luck, chickie! BTW - overweight and middle aged is simply nature's way of telling us we've led a pretty damn good life so far! I carry around about 25 pounds more than I did in high school, and for awhile it drove me nuts, but you know what?? With crazy bi*ches like Nicole Richie and Lindsey Lohan on the front pages, I'm a friggin' curvy, womanly goddess! How about you??? Take care of you!

  • At 3:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hooray for curvy goddesses. Me too!! I read your blog from time to time. I had wondered about what was wrong with you back then as you mentioned going to the doctor a lot. Thanks for sharing. As for midlife crisis, I'm starting college next month for the first time at the age of 41!!! See, I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up!

  • At 10:03 AM, Anonymous DAllen said…

    Julie, I have followed your blog from time to time, and so enjoy remembering the 70's thru your diary. About the heel spur. I am recovering from the exact thing. Walked on it entirely too long. The shot is definitely the way to go for instant relief, please believe me when I say that it is a needle the size of a hair and my doc starts counting and it's done. The results are incredible. Will take about 3 or 4,
    if yours is as bad as mine was. Truly consider NOT NOT ever going barefoot again. Get the very best arch supported shoes (that's why we get the thing it's called plantar faciatis and pulls the heel because the arch is falling, Sorry...) Anyway, thanks for the time you took all those teen years to document your life. It gives me a great feeling to remember, too.


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