Stuck in the '70s

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Incomplete review

My review of the Captain & Tennille DVDs/CDs is not quite done. I almost had it done before Christmas, then life interfered. I'm gonna post what I have here so far, and on my next day off, I'll finish it up! Here goes ...

Welcome me back from a trip to the 1976-77 television season. I’m watching ABC and a television variety show featuring my two favorite people of all time (not counting Mom and Dad, of course) – Daryl Dragon and Toni Tennille aka The Captain & Tennille.

In the mail the night before last, I received the much-anticipated DVD set of “Captain & Tennille: The Ultimate Collection.” Much-anticipated by me, and others I am sure, since we have not seen any of these gems in almost 30 years.

I became a fan of Toni & Daryl’s in 1975 when I was 12 years old after hearing their Grammy-winning “Love Will Keep Us Together” on the radio. I saved up my allowances to buy the “Love Will Keep Us Together” and “Song of Joy” albums and was beside myself to learn they would be featured in the fall of ’76 in their own TV series.

Many who read my diary entries on my Web site now would be surprised to learn that I fell in love with Toni before I ever had thoughts about wanting to be the future Mrs. Daryl Dragon. I watched them on “The Midnight Special” and “American Bandstand” before they got their show, and Toni’s charisma, beauty and voice had me hooked. She was contagious. I wanted to be exactly like her when I grew up. Then, after the show came about, I fell for Daryl too; and going through puberty at the time, some of my thoughts were probably pretty inappropriate, I imagine.

When the show aired each week, I would hold up my audio tape recorder, before the days of VCRs and TiVo, and shush anyone else in the front room, lest their voices and coughs and such appear on the precious tape I’d play back and listen to again & again. Although I haven’t seen these shows in almost 30 years, they stick in my head, probably partly because of the old audiotapes I wore out, but mostly because the music was so memorable.

I knew at the time that Daryl was not likely the dork he was portrayed to be with his hat jokes and his love for the Bionic Watermelon and all. I could see he was a musical genius at the time, and it was confirmed with each vinyl recording I bought. I finally learned what a great person he really is, and also how much a “human” he is, when I sat and wrapped with him for over an hour in a park in my hometown in August 1978.

These DVDs are priceless to the true Captain & Tennille fans like myself, “the originals” as Daryl calls us. Your kids will find the comedy skits cheesy, and my youngest son got a chuckled out what he dubbed “the shirtless gay male dancers;” but nobody can deny the musical talent of Daryl and Toni.

I was really hoping for some commentary on the DVDs from Daryl and Toni, telling us their thoughts, feelings and experiences about making the show, so that is missing here. There are a few “extras” on Disc 3 of the 3-disc set, though, that are a lot of fun. Probably the best “extra” is the video of the Captain & Tennille’s hit single, “Do That to Me One More Time,” written by Toni about the way she felt after the first time Daryl kissed her. The song itself is beautiful, and those who missed the hatless Daryl in the New Orleans TV special in which they “buried” his hat, are treated to him sans yachting cap.

The old shows are a real reflection of the mid-’70s to be certain. Aside from all the gay disco dancers, which I don’t seem to have any recollection of, there are plenty of feathers, balloons, sequins and such.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Happy Holidays - Review & Updates forthcoming

Hi All!

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve already, and I just wanted to say howdy and let y'all know I haven't forgotten about you or this Web site. We'll be celebrating the holiday this weekend together, my family and I, and I'll hopefully get some time next week to do some updating to this blog and my site.

For those who have asked, and I appreciate it very much, my Dad is doing very well this holiday season. He goes to the doctor every couple months for a checkup and remains cancer-free. He's in great spirits and generally enjoying life very much. His spirits are always good, and he's always there for me to lift mine.

I have almost completed a review of the Captain & Tennille DVDs/CDs, and that will be posted here on this blog next week.

As for the rest of my life, I've run into SH2 again since the last writing, but it doesn't really faze me. He was just a tiny blip on the radar screen of my life. I'm currently involved with a wonderful guy who treats me like a queen.

More later, during the Christmas week!