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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Watching Orlando, Enjoying Days Off

Wow. To have a day off. This has been great. One of the very few things that rocks about these weird hours working at the nation's second largest retailer is having some days off during the week when the boys are away at school, and I can get some housework done, work on the Web site or slip into the '70s without interuption. Again, last night, and every day at work, I run into someone who says, "Aren't you a writer?", "You're an excellent writer. Why don't you write any more?", "I miss your columns in the local newspaper", "Why are you working here?" Thanks for depressing me, folks. Nah ... I know they don't mean to. They are complimenting me for what I like to do best, and now, because I'd just as soon not move away and pursue what I like best in a bigger, meaner town, I'm working at a retail store. Yada, yada, yada ... you've heard it before. But ... the best things about being where I am now are the people (I have some great co-workers who are a hoot to be around) and the fact that I've stayed in the same town I love and not uprooted the boys. At any rate (I say that a lot, don't I?) I do appreciate these days during the week I have off (even though I work almost every weekend) so that I can do some stuff I enjoy while the boys are away at school.

Today I was able to hit the store and get some replacement bulbs for my collection of lava lamps. Then, I made a Newport run (which, in this case, means I went to the nearest wet county and bought some Old Milwaukee and Captain Morgan spiced rum). Then, I returned to the house to scan in some more of my favorite old magazines and put them on my Web site and Ebay for sale. I won't let any of them escape this house before I've scanned them and kept them for posterity in my computer and on CD.

I had a really weird dream last night that women my age will appreciate. I won't go into great detail here. But I will say that Johnny Depp (also born in '63) was my new boyfriend in the dream. It involved me bringing him to a family reunion. He changed outfits every "scene", and my dad told him how "Pirates of the Carribean" was the last movie my mother saw, and she thought he was extremely gay. My brother, Mike, was also not impressed with him in this dream and told Johnny to his face that he had not heard of any of the movies in which Johnny had starred. Johnny, however, jumped through hoops for me and even dressed up like Michael Jackson for a family reunion talent show, complete with a chimp puppet.

I got a rejection letter from the job for which I had applied. That sucked out loud. Those people must be ignorant. I figure they had someone else in mind and were just required to advertise the position. The form letter that I received said something about them continuing to look for someone who meets their needs so I would no longer be considered. Losers! I outlined how I met every single need they advertised and also happened to have at least 20 years of experience in every single one of those "needs." Who knows? All I know is I can say that the college I attended and graduated from 20 years ago is not what it used to be and they are apparently sucking up to "the man" now and don't want someone who is devoted to the old ways who can vouch for what a good college it USED to be!

This afternoon, after I returned from the Newport run, I decided to watch some more of the Tony Orlando DVDs while I put some magazines up on Ebay. Oh my goodness! This is like soft-core porn to me. What an embarrassing thing. All of the old feelings flood back in. I don't know just how much I wrote about Tony in my diaries, but I know I (as the daughter of an excellent artist -- my mom) drew sketches of him all the time and listened to all of his albums over and over. I never missed an airing of his variety show and dreamed constantly about growing up and running away with him. There's something about those dark, mysterious Latino-type guys. I always went for the ones with black or dark brown hair and brown eyes, and they were always from some place far away from Central Illinois. Freddie Prinze, Tony Orlando, Tony DeFranco, Rene Simard. They didn't grow them like that in the cornfields of Mossville, Illinois. Watching Tony Orlando now and knowing that he is so close (just a few hours away, living near Branson, Mo., makes me crazy!). I went up there on several occasions, hoping to meet him. I've met a bunch of my other '70s faves there. Branson is a mecca for '70s stars that Julie likes (read -- folks from the '70s who are NOT cool). But the one time I thought I'd connect with Mr. Orlando, it fell through. That's probably good; because I'd hark back to the long, flowing beautiful black feathered hair and the tight bell bottoms, and I'd probably sweep him off and stuff him in the Mom-mobile minivan. (sigh)

You know I love the weather gadgets. My dad had gotten one that has a remote sensor that you put outside so you can tell the temp outside and the one inside, and it also has an atomic clock (ooh -- ooh -- ooh). I had to have it, so I bought it today. Look out for weather reports from northcentral Arkansas. Dad is 76 years old and constantly grows with the Internet and gadgets. As a design engineer for Cat tractor co., he has always loved gadgets. He's been into computers since at least 1982 and can't seem to stop himself from getting on the 'net and ordering the latest gadget.

The "Ghost Hunters" on Sci -Fi wrapped up their season last night with a show filmed right here in Arkansas. I told you about Mike and me going there to the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs back in August. It was an awesome trip, and I right away told the leader that we wanted to spend the night in the morgue. We sat down by the autopsy table all night, video taping and trying to capture EMFs and EVPs. I still haven't had the chance to look at all my evidence. The Ghost Hunters team, TAPS, caught their most convincing evidence ever there in the same room where Mike and I hung out. Be sure to catch the rerun if you didn't see it the first time.

Well, I'd better check on those pumpkin pies. The boys will be home soon, and I'll need to make sure homework is getting done and that no one escapes their grounding. Thanks for all the correspondence and reassurance that you are like me and vice versa!



  • At 11:33 PM, Blogger Harry said…


    Stumbled across your site today while googling for 70's music. I was really transfixed with your diaries (for the life of my, I don't know why :-)). I too am a 70's teen (born in 1961). I find myself constantly living in the past, whether it's listening to 70's music or watching some of the sitcoms from the 70's on TV Land. It was a much simpler time, and I look back with fond memories.

    Looking forward to reading about your last two years of high school.

    Take care,


  • At 10:18 AM, Blogger meerelda said…

    Hey!! You're a Ghost Hunter fan, too?? My hubby and I are glued to the TV every Wednesday evening to watch. I can't wait for the Halloween special they've put together. It's so great to know that I'm not the only "70s nerd" around today. My daughter coined that phrase, but get this....last Monday as she was getting ready for school (she's 11) she was be-bopping around her bedroom singing Love Will Keep Us Together. When I called her on it and gave her a hard time she quickly switched on VH1, started jamming to the Black Eyed Peas, then chased me out of her room and closed the door. She was grinning the whole time, so I'll let that slide, eh? :) We also just got Sirius radio in the minivan, so I drive her nuts switching between the 70s station, The Strobe (disco), and the 80s.

    Stay cool, lady!! :)


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