Stuck in the '70s

Monday, August 08, 2005

A Huntin' We Will Go!

Hey cats & chicks!

How's everything goin'? All is OK here. Work is sucking, but oh well. I was excited about working at the new store a couple months ago. Now, it ain't all it's cracked up to be. I'm sure it would be lovely if I liked to work odd hours, never see my children, have one weekend off every two months (I kid you not), stand on solid concrete all day where I'm not allowed to sit down on a chair, lift refrigerators and other various appliances into people's vehicles in the 100-degree Farenheit lumberyard and so on. However, all that stuff's just not my bag, man. My friends all think I've died or joined a cult; and everyone who comes in to shop at the store and sees me asks why I'm not writing anymore. It's a great company to work for, and they do offer some benefits I couldn't have gotten had I stayed with the two part-time jobs I previously held. But I sure long for those weekends off and time with my family and friends. So, ladies and gents, please keep your fingers crossed for me and your prayers uplifted (if you're so inclined) that I get a job more to my suiting. For the time being, there are teen-agers to feed and bills to pay.

I've been enjoying chatting with some of you on AOL and Yahoo messengers. I'll continue to turn those on when I get the chance to get online. Add me to your buddy list. I really like reminiscin' with you about our childhoods.

School will be starting soon, and I know the boys are thrilled. They're off on a vacation with their dad and stepmom right now, but school starts late next week. I can't belive I'm going to have one in junior high and the other a junior in high school. I remember all too well the thoughts that went through my head at that age, and it scares the Dickens outta me. Of course, you can see what I'm talking about in my diaries on the site.

One thing I'm really excited about is an upcoming paranormal investigation. Seems like they're getting to be all the rage lately with various shows on TV including "Ghost Hunters" on Sci-Fi (which I never miss). However, I've been at it for over 3 years on the official investigations. Before that, I was always interested and feel that Mom and I had a special bond to communicate over the miles and without actually uttering a word. I know she was a "sensitive," and on some of my former investigations, I've also had feelings and experiences that would lead me to believe I am also. I've not gone on a "formal" investigation since just before Mom passed away late in November 2003. Wasn't much in the mood for it, ya know. Plus, the first group I joined up with ended up being the "Peyton Place/Dating Game" of ghost hunting groups and were only interested in doing each other, drinking, drugging it up and using the Ouija board as an investigative tool (all of which led to me meeting and marrying SH2). Last year I joined a responsible, respected group and will go on the granddaddy of all investigations with them soon. We've been invited to investigate at the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Ark. The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS from "Ghost Hunters") recently investigated there and filmed one of their Sci-Fi shows to be aired this season. Not quite on the Atlantic Coast, is it guys? I love their show, and I wish we could have all the equipment and vehicles Sci-Fi could provide. At any rate, check out the link to the Crescent, and keep me in mind while you watch the "Ghost Hunters" episode. I'll be sure to upload some evidence here if I capture any; and as always, you can keep an eye on my group's site at The Spirit Seekers.

What a bummer to have lost Peter Jennings. I've watched ABC's Nightly News ever since Walter Cronkite of CBS died. Those who know me know I wanted to be "the next Jessica Savitch" (those early '80s diaries coming as soon as I locate them). I admired the early TV anchor people from my youth because they were truly journalists and hard-hitting. Not like every pageant queen bimbo who says on her pageant interview these days when asked what career path she wants to follow, "I want to go into TV news." They're in it because they think they're good looking. They don't have the first clue as to what it takes to be a REAL journalist like Jessica Savitch or Peter Jennings! They think the whole thing is about sitting behind a desk, reading a teleprompter, smiling and having unbreakable hair.

Have I mentioned, other than the job, how happy I am lately? It's so nice to have my family and life the way it should be. Sure, I'd love to meet Prince Charming, but through 42 years of trying, I've learned that longtime friends and family ALWAYS come first. And, like Dad has always said, "Look out for Number One, Sis!"

Take care, and thanks for your continued support!!
P.S. I had to take down the comments because of one idiot. Sorry, y'all. And, a kind thank you to the one who wrote about my diaries. I'm looking forward to seeing your school pix!