Stuck in the '70s

Friday, June 10, 2005

And the Beat Goes On

My goodness. It's been almost a month since I've written here in my blog "diary." All kinds of stuff going on. I'm constantly updating the Web site and listing new stuff in the Ebay store.
In the personal realm ... well, I've never given you any untruths from my perspective. I learned while majoring in Media Arts in college that anything that is true fact cannot be considered libelous. Therefore, nothing I have ever posted on this blog is libelous or untrue. However, I yesterday removed some of the blog (did keep it on the hard drive for posterity) because I heard from a certain party who was very upset that I had posted such things about him. I would like to move on and pretend like the last 18 months or so never happened. I used this blog as a form of, I dunno, therapy -- more like a release -- to get some things off my chest. I've gone back to being myself, like it or not, this is the way I am, I enjoy thinking about my excellent childhood and sharing it with those who want to remember growing up in the late '60s, all of the '70s and some of the '80s. Anyone who lives in my world shares that, and we always have fun talking about it. At any rate, I never meant to hurt anyone with any of my posts, just to speak my feelings. I will not hold back in the future, Stuck in the '70s devotees. I will, however, try not to "diss" (not my term) anyone who has been involved in my more recent life (say the past 20 years or so). I'll continue to keep you updated on what's going on now, and more importantly, if you have any questions about how the '70s diary turned out (and I've gotten quite a few lately), just feel free to ask, and I'll post the answers here. Yes, I did get a VCR (in 1981 while I was in the hospital), and yes, I have been in touch with Buster.
I apologize for my bummer of an attitude over these past 6 months. I'm back to myself and ready to move on. I do not hate men, as one of my sons was under the belief. :) I simply wish to either be alone or share time with someone who likes to talk about the same stuff I do and isn't always looking for an argument. Non-confrontational -- that's me. Easy-going, that's me. So, hey, if you're a guy who wants to talk '70s and doesn't mind a chick with tons of baggage (right), drop me a line.