Stuck in the '70s

Friday, May 13, 2005

On a Lighter Note

The boys and I are preparing for a weekend camping trip to Branson, Missouri, where we'll visit Silver Dollar City. Great fun! I couldn't possibly count the number of times I've been to Silver Dollar City. We started going there in about 1970, and it was so much fun, I always said I wanted to work there. When I was about to graduate from college, I applied for a position and worked the summer of 1985 there in the Tintype photography shop. That was one of the coolest times of my life. I ended up not staying, though, because I had gotten engaged to a guy in the town where I was living, and of course, we missed each other and couldn't stand to be apart. Oh brother. I could've still been working at SDC right now and having the time of my life. Oh well. At least we have our season passes, and we can hit it any time we'd like. For a picture of me in 1975, when I was 12, at Silver Dollar City, be sure to check out my "Photos" page on the web site at

I'm still looking for a full-time job. Working 20 hours a week at not much an hour isn't cutting it as far as paying bills and feeding the boys is concerned. I'm enjoying the freedom to work on the site, do freelance feature stories for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and sell stuff through Ebay, but it doesn't all add up to the house and car payment. Speaking of Ebay, I've opened up my own store on there. You'll have to check it out at I've got a lot of good stuff there from the '70s and '80s, along with a bunch of videotapes I no longer want to keep. I'll continue throughout the summer to put more and more of my magazine collection up for sale in the store. Much of it will be with a good "Buy It Now!" price so as to avoid the Ebay fees incurred when something is put up for auction. So, be sure to visit the store once a week to see if there's anything you'd like there. I have more '70s teen magazines to put up, after I've scanned them for the Web site. They include Tiger Beat, Dynamite and 16.

I always liked Tiger Beat the best because they had such nice color pinups of all of my faves. Tiger Beat was kind of the squeaky clean magazine for teen-age girls. I also took some guilty pleasure in 16 and its sister magazine, Spec, because they had "naughtier" stuff. 16 had the ol' Adonis Gallery of pictures of the guys without their shirts and the topless pinups of all the hunks. Yeah, baby. I remember my mom saying you couldn't tell this or that guy was a boy if he didn't have his shirt off. They were all kinda pretty.

I've been watching Ellen Degeneres' talk show lately -- TiVoing it every day. I've always liked Ellen. The funny thing with me is, every single time I find a female star who I think seems like just a normal, regular woman, and not a glamour doll, who I can identify with, she ends up being a lesbian. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I still like them all just the same. I mean, there's Ellen, Rosie, and I've always liked Jodie Foster. Although Jodie's not "out of the closet" and MAY NOT be a lesbian, I do wonder. Like I said, they're not all dolled up all the time, and they seem to have excellent senses of humor and similar interests to me -- then, BANG! guess what? They're gay. I'm thinking of turning lesbian. After all, I've had pretty dang crappy luck with men. Maybe a relationship with a woman would be easier and longer lasting. I'm kidding of course. Stupid men.

Anyway -- where I was going with that was bad school portraits and bad prom pictures. Ellen's been featuring bad school pictures on her show that are just hilarious. I enjoy the ones from the '70s best of course and have sent in my own sixth grade picture from 1974 or '75. We'll have to keep watching and see if she uses it. It includes a bad perm my mom gave me and one of those crocheted vests she made me, atop a Western polka-dotted shirt. OK, I know you're dying to see it, so I will put it on my Web site soon. I'd also like to see your bad school photos from the 1970s and may put them in a special gallery on my site. Please e-mail them to me at Ellen's also showing silly prom photos with funny fashions. I'd love to send her my prom picture but NO ONE EVER ASKED ME TO GO TO THE STUPID PROM!!!!!!! No bitterness here. In fact, no one ever asked me to go to any dance during high school. I should've just gone anyway, I guess, but there was always the feeling and pressure that you had to have a date or you were a total loser. Guess who Ellen reminds me of in her 1976 prom photo? Jodie Foster in "Freaky Friday." See?

OK. That's about enough for this post. I've gotta finish getting some stuff together for our camping trip. Let's see those mamby pamby sissy girls like Paris Hilton and Brittney Spears pitch their tents in the Wilderness area of the campground!