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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Yeah ... well


How is everyone doing? I've been enjoying the comments you have been leaving, and I've also been enjoying "chatting" with some of you online on the instant messengers. Look on the front page of my site for my user IDs for AOL and Yahoo if you'd like to catch me online to gab sometime. I met a really nice sixth-grade teacher who is interested in "Lidsville" and I was able to send her the theme song. Seems the kids are studying the '70s (ancient history, right?), and they fell in love with the song while visiting my site. I wish they would've entered and won my Lidsville DVD contest!

One commenter wished me a happy birthday -- a fello Pisces. This commenter had hoped for the traditional McD's blowout. I must say I never had any birthday parties at McDonalds as a kid -- but Shakey's Pizza was a fave place. I had my last real birthday party there when I turned 16 in Peoria, Illinois. I got my driver's license that day and drove home in dense fog. I'm sure it's documented in my diary.

Pete was talking about finding some great stuff at a thrift store last weekend. We went to a flea market/yard sale at the county fairgrounds last weekend. I was thrilled to death to find a great big collection of Sears Merry Mushroom stuff! I'd love to sell it on Ebay, but it looks so great in my kitchen, and what a bargain I got.

Pete mentioned the King Kong 1976 remake. Didn't that have Jessica Lange in it? I don't remember watching that one. He also mentioned "Carrie." Now, there you go! I'm well-known as a Stephen King afficionado (sp) amongst my mates. My first encounter with Stephen King's works was in my Oral Interp and Drama class sophomore year at IVC High School in Chillicothe. My friend, Shelly Shover, read "The Man Who Loved Flowers" from SK's "Night Shift" collection. I was fascinated with that last bit about the guy bringing the hammer down. "Can someone really write this stuff and have it published?" I asked myself. I got the book immediately (I think it was 1977) and then read "Carrie", "Salem's Lot" and "The Shining" -- the only ones Steve had out at the time. I saw "Carrie" when Mom allowed it, after its initial run, and was very pleased at how closely it stuck to the book. Since then, I've tried to watch Carrie 2 and a remake but it makes my stomach hurt. In fact, all that has been done with Steve's works lately is rather sickening. Some proud moments include "Stand By Me," based on the short story "The Body", the movie "The Green Mile" and of course "Shawshank Redemption." I had some hope for "The Secret Window" because it starred Johnny Depp (whom I love -- go '63 kids), but it sucked. My son, who will be 16 in another week, is big into the "Dark Tower" series by Steve. Personally, that is my least favorite stuff, and I've only read the first two. It's too other worldly for me. I like the stuff that could happen here and now, in the daylight, in our world!

Pete also mentioned "Alien," the best horror movie ever made. My folks took me to see that one in '79. I've never seen my mom and dad jump during a movie before. Freaked us all out. Excellent!

Meerelda wished me a happy birthday via the comments and turned 41 last month. Hey, chick, you're catching up to me! Sounds like you had a groovy birthday party. Wow, what's it like having a husband who understands that you like '70s stuff and even caters to that? I'm envious. Glad you had a great time, and keep on truckin'!!!

As for life here, all is well. I think I'm experiencing some stuff women in their 40s are expected to experience. I always wondered what a hot flash was like. Gee -- I think I know now. They're not quite so bad as the serious mood swings. Other than that, I feel great and am so grateful for all of the family I've had all my life and the friends I've had around this little town who have known me for over 20 years and know that I'm a good person.

The annual Oscars movie gathering went quite well. We had a good turnout, had lots of fun and no macho nachos were spilled. It was great! I even fired up the turntable, and we listened to some Beatles and Bee Gees.

To end on a lighter note ... watch Napoleon Dynamite. That's all I'll say about it right now -- but I must say, even though it takes place in the present day, if you're into the '70s, you'll really dig it.

Stay cool, and stay tuned. I'll be writing more in this little Web journal this week as time permits.



  • At 11:52 PM, Blogger Wander said…

    It's nice to hear you sounding more upbeat. I'm glad that things are coming together for you.
    Had to laugh when you talked about the hot flashes. I turn 50 in September and have had the wonderful experience for about 4 years now. I keep saying that if I ever get a hold of that inner child inside of me playing with matches I'm gonna whip her butt good. I hate to tell ya, but it gets worse before it gets better. The doc's tell me this could go on for as much as 10 more years or not. Oh joy! As far as the mood swings, it reminds me of that joke about mood rings. My husband can always tell when I'm in a bad mood because of the imprint my mood ring left on his forehead. Okay, it's a groaner but anyone who's been there will have to admit that they smiled none the less.
    I have to agree with you about the SK movies, it would be hard for me to decide which of the 3-Carrie, The Green Mile or Shawshank Redemption is my favorite although I liked "It" too.
    Hang in there Woman, you are going to be just fine!

  • At 7:05 AM, Blogger pete said…

    i could'nt agree more about carrie 2,or the remake-can't duplicate perfection even the music in the remake is dull.unlike the score for carrie by pino donaggio,haunting,lyrical yet eerie. yep,king kong 1976 was jessica lange's debut-what a great debut. i also liked lipstick w/margaux hemingway and last tango in paris-which i saw sometime after ALIEN. i got my first vcr in 1982,so that was a whole new world-worked that summer,my first job as a teacher's aid..what was your fave sequence in ALIEN?,mine is where sigourney weaver(ripley) is frantic,and running through those corridors,at any moment that cool alien could jump out...or where tom skerritt is in the shafts and the others are tracking him..and the there waiting..

  • At 3:16 PM, Blogger meerelda said…

    Hey, lady! There are plenty of people who know you're a good person. I've never met you, but just from your website and BLOG I think you're pretty cool and I honestly think that if we ever met we'd get along just fine! :)

    As far as your ex goes, don't ever make the mistake of letting one loser bring you so far down on yourself. There just happens to be some folks, like ourselves, who don't fit into the puzzle like everyone else. We don't feel the need to, and shouldn't be forced to try. That doesn't mean we don't like the puzzle, just that we're a little different than the rest. Keep you chin up, girl. There really are good men out there who march to beat of their own drummers, too. You'll run into one sooner or later! :)

  • At 7:25 PM, Blogger Diane said…

    Hey Julie-

    I just turned 43 in February so I can relate. ; )

    I am an absolute rabid Steven King fan. The first real "adult" book I ever read was 'Salem's Lot. I've been hooked ever since. I own a copy of just about every book published, although some have been very hard to get in to. I have The Green Mile and Shawshank Redemption on video also. I hate it when they try to remake a classic.

    Well, keep it cool! Peace.


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