Stuck in the '70s

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

A Day for Fuzzy Socks

I spent most of today on Ebay, posting some stuff that I'd like to sell. Most of it has something to do with the '70s. I've given it all my personal Stuck in the '70s touch.

It's been cold out today, and we've even had a spitting of snow. It was the perfect day to stay inside, wearing sweat pants and fuzzy socks.

My brother, Mike, and I plan to go through some stuff at Dad's house this weekend. There are some things that were Mom's that we may not want or need to hang onto. I know there's a lot of it that I want, and it would hurt me to get rid of. However, there is some stuff that we don't really need to keep. So, we'll be going into a joint Ebay venture with that.

I appreciate all the support I've received in the comments to this blog and in the e-mail. Those who are stuck in the '70s are a good crowd, I tell ya.

Well, I'm gonna go fold some laundry now. It's about time for the boys to get home from school.

Stay cool,


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