Stuck in the '70s

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Sweet 16

Number One Son is 16 years old today. Wow. Unbelievable. He's with his dad (and my son #2) for spring break this week. Only Tuesday, and I miss them already. How did he get to be 16 this quickly? The scary thing is, I remember being 16 -- CLEARLY. I'm gonna lose him soon. By the time I was 16, I'd already had my heart broken seriously once. There were other "boyfriends," but at 15 1/2, Buster (not even a boyfriend by the proper definition) was moving to another state, and I was sure it was the end of the world and life as I knew it. My poor sweet 16-year-old is the same way I was. I've already seen him with a broken heart twice. I'm gonna kick these girls' asses, I swear! Like me, he finds one, remains loyal, and won't let go -- for nothin'! I've come across some of his notes to them. I've seen his instant messages (yes, sadly, because the world is filled with weirdoes and perverts, I monitor him closely). I know he's poured his heart and soul out to a couple of girls who have walked all over him. My teen-age son is, in my humble opinion, what every girl would hope for. I'm hoping I've brought him up right, and he knows how to treat girls. He's extremely sensitive and caring (too much so). If he ever takes time out of his online role-playing games and looks at this, I'm in trouble. And, of course, he's a looker (gosh -- must take after me). This one somehow has always put others before himself. I'm sad I can't say that for little brother who is always looking out for one guy -- himself. Sweet 16 always knows how to read Mom's moods, always knows when to give me space, always knows when to steer his brother in what direction. Well, he's been the man of the house since he was 6. Both boys have always indulged me when it comes to my '70s stuff. They listen to my old boring stories of how things were when I was growing up. They've worn the "retro" clothes I've gotten for them, and neither one has complained. In fact, both seem proud to be different and would defend their old mom in any situation. The youngest, especially, likes to dress in '70s attire. The oldest is starting to grow out of that and get too cool. In fact, this past week, some girl or another suggested he comb his hair "forward" instead of back. He has beautiful thick wavy hair like his father and it doesn't require much work. I've always taught him to, when it's wet, just run that comb through it, straight back, and go on with your morning. But, at the choir festival (somehow this boy can sing) he was brushing his hair back before the performance and some girl smacked him over the head with a brush and told him to brush it forward. OK. I'm hip. I've seen Jesse McCartney -- he looks like he got in a southbound windstorm facing south. His hair is all combed to the front like he's going bald in back. His hair is also straight. This doesn't work quite so good if you have thick wavy hair. But, No. 1 Son is trying it anyway. After all, the chicks dig it. Thank goodness, both boys have strong opinions and don't outwardly care what others think. So, when it came time to sell some clothing on Ebay from the '80s, No. 1 asked what he could do to help. I used to wear boys' jeans and parachute pants because I was so thin I liked the way they fit (now called boy-cut jeans). No. 1 is tall and thin and fits perfectly into the old Levi's I had back in the day and the vintage '80s pants I'm willing to sell. So, he posed for pictures for Ebay. I told him I could cut him off at the waist or put a black rectangle around his eyes if he didn't want anyone to see who he was. "Aw ... I don't care," he said. Not easily embarrassed. Well, I happen to think both of my sons are Tiger Beat material. Guess I'm a bit biased. I went ahead and uploaded the pix for Ebay to sell the ol' parachute pants I bought in 1983 or '84, and No. 1 was a willing and seemingly seasoned model. I jokingly put in the description that the "cute guy" isn't included with the pants. (I remember Mom going through the Sears and JCPenney's catalogs, looking in the men's clothing sections, and saying "I'll take one of those and one of these in brunette.") My Ebay listing hadn't been up more than an hour before I got the first "question for seller." The prospective bidder asks what are the chances of getting more pictures of the "cute guy in the parachute pants"? Part of me (the part like my mom who pushed and pushed trying to get me to enter beauty pageants -- unsuccessfully) said, yeah, that's right, that's my boy. Another part said, "Wait a minute. I'll kick your ass."
So, what's the point of this whole blog entry? My son is 16 today. He and I -- we're both just going through a phase.
Stay cool,

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

A Day for Fuzzy Socks

I spent most of today on Ebay, posting some stuff that I'd like to sell. Most of it has something to do with the '70s. I've given it all my personal Stuck in the '70s touch.

It's been cold out today, and we've even had a spitting of snow. It was the perfect day to stay inside, wearing sweat pants and fuzzy socks.

My brother, Mike, and I plan to go through some stuff at Dad's house this weekend. There are some things that were Mom's that we may not want or need to hang onto. I know there's a lot of it that I want, and it would hurt me to get rid of. However, there is some stuff that we don't really need to keep. So, we'll be going into a joint Ebay venture with that.

I appreciate all the support I've received in the comments to this blog and in the e-mail. Those who are stuck in the '70s are a good crowd, I tell ya.

Well, I'm gonna go fold some laundry now. It's about time for the boys to get home from school.

Stay cool,

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Yeah ... well


How is everyone doing? I've been enjoying the comments you have been leaving, and I've also been enjoying "chatting" with some of you online on the instant messengers. Look on the front page of my site for my user IDs for AOL and Yahoo if you'd like to catch me online to gab sometime. I met a really nice sixth-grade teacher who is interested in "Lidsville" and I was able to send her the theme song. Seems the kids are studying the '70s (ancient history, right?), and they fell in love with the song while visiting my site. I wish they would've entered and won my Lidsville DVD contest!

One commenter wished me a happy birthday -- a fello Pisces. This commenter had hoped for the traditional McD's blowout. I must say I never had any birthday parties at McDonalds as a kid -- but Shakey's Pizza was a fave place. I had my last real birthday party there when I turned 16 in Peoria, Illinois. I got my driver's license that day and drove home in dense fog. I'm sure it's documented in my diary.

Pete was talking about finding some great stuff at a thrift store last weekend. We went to a flea market/yard sale at the county fairgrounds last weekend. I was thrilled to death to find a great big collection of Sears Merry Mushroom stuff! I'd love to sell it on Ebay, but it looks so great in my kitchen, and what a bargain I got.

Pete mentioned the King Kong 1976 remake. Didn't that have Jessica Lange in it? I don't remember watching that one. He also mentioned "Carrie." Now, there you go! I'm well-known as a Stephen King afficionado (sp) amongst my mates. My first encounter with Stephen King's works was in my Oral Interp and Drama class sophomore year at IVC High School in Chillicothe. My friend, Shelly Shover, read "The Man Who Loved Flowers" from SK's "Night Shift" collection. I was fascinated with that last bit about the guy bringing the hammer down. "Can someone really write this stuff and have it published?" I asked myself. I got the book immediately (I think it was 1977) and then read "Carrie", "Salem's Lot" and "The Shining" -- the only ones Steve had out at the time. I saw "Carrie" when Mom allowed it, after its initial run, and was very pleased at how closely it stuck to the book. Since then, I've tried to watch Carrie 2 and a remake but it makes my stomach hurt. In fact, all that has been done with Steve's works lately is rather sickening. Some proud moments include "Stand By Me," based on the short story "The Body", the movie "The Green Mile" and of course "Shawshank Redemption." I had some hope for "The Secret Window" because it starred Johnny Depp (whom I love -- go '63 kids), but it sucked. My son, who will be 16 in another week, is big into the "Dark Tower" series by Steve. Personally, that is my least favorite stuff, and I've only read the first two. It's too other worldly for me. I like the stuff that could happen here and now, in the daylight, in our world!

Pete also mentioned "Alien," the best horror movie ever made. My folks took me to see that one in '79. I've never seen my mom and dad jump during a movie before. Freaked us all out. Excellent!

Meerelda wished me a happy birthday via the comments and turned 41 last month. Hey, chick, you're catching up to me! Sounds like you had a groovy birthday party. Wow, what's it like having a husband who understands that you like '70s stuff and even caters to that? I'm envious. Glad you had a great time, and keep on truckin'!!!

As for life here, all is well. I think I'm experiencing some stuff women in their 40s are expected to experience. I always wondered what a hot flash was like. Gee -- I think I know now. They're not quite so bad as the serious mood swings. Other than that, I feel great and am so grateful for all of the family I've had all my life and the friends I've had around this little town who have known me for over 20 years and know that I'm a good person.

The annual Oscars movie gathering went quite well. We had a good turnout, had lots of fun and no macho nachos were spilled. It was great! I even fired up the turntable, and we listened to some Beatles and Bee Gees.

To end on a lighter note ... watch Napoleon Dynamite. That's all I'll say about it right now -- but I must say, even though it takes place in the present day, if you're into the '70s, you'll really dig it.

Stay cool, and stay tuned. I'll be writing more in this little Web journal this week as time permits.


Friday, March 04, 2005

Another Year Older

Gosh! Time flies when you're not stressed out! Things have been enjoyable here since I last wrote in this blog. Let me count the ways.

Last weekend, Dad and I traveled north and got my brother, Mike, all moved down to Arkansas. It's sure great to have him around. Oldest brother, Bob, also came along, and we all had a really good 4-day visit. The only thing missing was Mom, but we could all feel her there in spirit. Now, Mike will join me and several of my close buds for my 11th annual Oscars movie party tomorrow night. We always have a big time.

Meanwhile, I've been having fun working on my Web site, adding to it and holding more contests. I have received two of Donny Osmond's new CDs and will be giving those away, along with Joe Cocker's new CD. I'm also working on some cool stuff to sell on the site.

I turned 42 yesterday. I wasn't really dreading it like I did the big four-oh. I wasn't thrilled about it either, mind you. But it didn't hurt at all. This morning, while looking in the bathroom mirror, I spotted two or three gray hairs.

Welp, I guess that about wraps it up for now. I'll try to be more regular about writing to keep you up to date on the site and what's been going on around here. I enjoy reading your comments, and yes, one commenter was correct in sensing a note of sarcasm when I called my fellow co-workers lovely. I can only think of a few who'd I'd call that, and they're still my friends.

Later gator!