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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Gettin' Things Rollin'


It's a blustery day here in northcentral Arkansas! They're saying we may get a mix of rain and snow tonight and tomorrow. Bring it on! Maybe I'll get stuck in my driveway and be forced to stay at home and watch old movies and stuff I've TiVo'd! Boy, there's something I wish we had in the '70s -- TiVo. I don't know how I functioned without it, let alone without a VCR!!! I remember my quest for a VCR in '78 or '79 when the price tag was over $1,000. My parents got me one after my thyroid surgery in February 1981. They were sure great like that, and Dad's still willing and able to help me out in any way he can. I've had several people e-mail me about how lucky I am/was to have parents like mine. They're completely correct!

I'm having a ball updating the Web site almost daily. I keep finding more and more stuff to do with it. I think I'll put a more prominent link to this blog on there for diary fans to check out. I still can't imagine what I did with my 1980-81 diaries. Gotta get on that spring cleaning!

We welcome February -- I'm ready for spring and new beginnings!



  • At 5:33 PM, Blogger ptcitychick said…

    Keep your chin up, girl! everyone here will talk to you about growing up during "our era" anytime!!! I hope your Dad is doing well!
    Your friend in Georgia, Robyn (ptcitychick)


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