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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

A new diary?

Hey there!

I'm on my lunch hour so I have to make this quick -- I intend to get back online later this evening if I can get my teen-ager off my dang computer for a moment. I've been attending a seminar this morning (and it's really boring), so my thoughts have wandered. Instead of taking notes about the seminar, I've been taking them about what I want to do with my Stuck in the '70s site. Lately, and over the years in fact, I've gotten quite a few great, and encouraging e-mails, from people who are a lot like me. Imagine that. Just when you thought you were alone in the world, you find that there are "relics" (as one poster said) like us. Your words of encouragement and kindness mean more than you can possibly know. This web site has grown into a real extension of me in which I originally thought no one would ever have an interest. Thanks for proving me wrong! There's so much I want to do with it, and like I said, this morning I've been thinking about what would I want out of a site like this one? Many people have enjoyed reading my '70s diaries -- which I will finish this weekend with '75 and '76. I've been hearing a lot about blogs in the news. People changing the shape of the news and politics and such. I sure as heck have no interest in doing that!!! I mostly couldn't care less about politics in 2005! Now, 1975 -- that's a different story. Ha, ha. So, I am going to try to blog at least several times a week, maybe daily, and use this sucker as an online diary. It won't be near as personal as my teen-age diaries were because there's some stuff I could probably get sued over (like blood from a turnip, I tell ya). Anyhoo ... I'll be back later this afternoon. I've got lots of ideas about the design and development of Stuck in the '70s and what I want to do with it.

Thanks for tuning in. Even if I don't get a chance to answer all of the e-mails you write, I read every one and take them to heart -- including those I get that say I suck. Those ones bring me down for a lot longer than the nice ones lift me up, unfortunately. Guess that's the Pisces in me.
Later 'gater!


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