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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Eddie's All Right

Boy, that last post was a bit of a downer, wasn't it? Sorry 'bout that folks!

Dad's still in the hospital this morning. I went to visit him last night, and he's doing MUCH better than he was this past weekend. He's ticked off about having to be in the hospital, and he's ready to come home. So, hopefully, he'll be home by this evening. My brief visit with him in his hospital room was priceless last night. The last time I set foot into that hospital, it was to meet him in the ER where Mom had been pronouced dead the night of Nov. 23, 2003. That night has played over and over in my head millions of times as I'm sure it has in Dad's. But, we never make mention of it. It was surreal, to say the least. Last night, however, Dad was in top form. And, by that, I mean he was Dad at his Daddest. His personality and his "sharpness" have not been this Richard Fidler-like in a long time. Those who know my dad know how he loves to explain, in great detail, how mechanical things work. I'll never forget his "lecture" on the vacuum tube when I was studying radio/TV broadcasting. Last night at the hospital, I imitated for him the sound my van's engine was making and asked if that was because it needed oil. Dad launched into a very detailed and informative explanation of all kinds of gears and gadgets and how they go up and down and do this and that. I couldn't really hear what he was saying because I was too busy feeling my heart swell within my chest. I couldn't help but smile, and it gave me such a good, warm feeling inside to have Dad there with me in a place with surroundings that can be so devastating. Dad's alive and doin' fine, and he's determined to stick around for a bit and continue to share his "Dadness" with those who love him. I wish I'd have gotten out my voice recorder. It was handy in my purse, but I didn't want to embarrass him or make him stop what he was conveying.

I interviewed Butch Patrick by phone yesterday on my lunch hour to talk about the release of the DVD box set of the entire Sid & Marty Krofft "Lidsville" series. That was sure a hoot! He seems like a nice guy, and his recollections of being 16-18 years old, making the show are pretty humorous. He was completely candid and honest with me during the interview, and I appreciated that. I'll be trying tonight and/or tomorrow night to get the technical glitches edited out of that interview and upload the audio to my site. Should be fun to listen back to. Also, I received three copies of the "Lidsville" box set in the mail yesterday. The boys and I broke out the first two episodes and watched them at Dad's house last night. Oh my goodness. Tell me those people weren't on drugs! I was 8 when the show came out, and I remember even then, thinking, "Lord, help us all." It's so much fun to watch the town where everybody where's a hat, and everybody knows where it's at. I'll be beginning that "Lidsville" contest this coming weekend, and I'm going to make it a little tougher so that only true fans of the Web site can enter. I'm thinking of a way to do that right now, and it'll probably involve a password or require you to answer a Krofft trivia question in order to qualify to win.

A phone interview with Leif Garrett's in the works. Looks like he may have a CD to promote later this spring, and I'll be lined up to talk with Leif about that.

If you have any suggestions for the site, feel free to e-mail me at I'm still rebuilding it and have a lot of links to add once I get the chance. If you were once featured on my site, and your link has disappeared, please resend it!

Life is OK. I know I was whining and complaining the other night, but we're all allowed that once in awhile, right? Thanks for all your support. I enjoy using this blog as an outlet and hope, once I get my mind cleared of some personal relationship and financial matters, I'll be in the proper mindset to continue my "Reminiscin'" column that previously appeared in the Arkansas Weekly and the Batesville Daily Excuse, er, I mean Guard. :)

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