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Monday, December 20, 2004

New contest; Holidays approacheth

Howdy there!
Just wanted to let y'all know the contest winners for the Buck Rogers DVDs have been chosen and notified. Their DVDs will be in the mail on my next payday. Yup ... I ain't makin' no money off this site. But, hey, that's cool. Because I enjoy playing with it, and once you start making money from something, it takes all the fun out of it. I really appreciate Special Ops Media for sending me the contest DVDs for this and our new promotion to give away "Dazed & Confused" DVDs. Now THAT's an excellent movie!

Well, things are settling down here at the ol' Fidler household nicely. It's awful quiet around here while the boys are spending some time with their dad but that's a-fixin' to change and there will be much ripping open of packages. It's always been a tradition in our family to sit by the aluminum or plastic tree on Christmas Eve and shake our packages and make intelligent or silly guesses as to what's in them. We'll probably spend some time with Dad over the holiday weekend ... that is, if we don't get the 4-8 inches of snow the hack weatherman is predicting. Give us some good ol' packing snow for making snowwomen, dude! :)

Well, ya'll stay cool, and stay tuned. One of my resolutions in '05 (God, that sounds freaky!) is to update nearly daily on this blog with diary-style entries reminiscent of my '70s diary. I also promise to get the rest of the '70s on there and key in 1980 and Jan. to June 1981! Woo hoo!



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