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Friday, October 08, 2004

Family Matters

I am happy to report this morning that Dad is finally improving and moving slowly on the road to recovery after his surgery Sept. 28 for bladder cancer. There's been some trouble regulating his heartbeat, and with blood clots, low blood pressure, etc. I think they're finally getting that lined out. He's eating solid food and finally getting up a bit and taking some steps with the help of a walker. We don't have a clue as to when he will be out of the hospital. He's still in PCU (Progressive Care Unit) right now, but there is some rumbling about moving him to a rehab-type wing before too long. It did my heart good to see him up and eating biscuits and gravy and bacon this morning before I came in to work. Thanks to everyone's prayers, I think he's gonna do all right.

In other news, I've been looking at some other blogs. Check out He's a guy, same age as me, born and raised in Peoria, IL, my hometown. I enjoy reading the stuff about the area "landmarks" and such, although I couldn't possibly care less about the politics. To get away from the politics and hear another Peoria woman's thoughts, visit Pam is a chick with whom I can identify! But, my VERY favorite blog to read is Prison Pete's. Check him out at He'll give you an insight to our lovely federal prison system and what it's like to live there. Interesting stuff indeed; and it doesn't hurt that Pete is a genius with a good sense of humor.

Take care, and have a good weekend!!


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