Stuck in the '70s

Monday, September 27, 2004


As those of you who come to my site regularly and have read my diary pages know, I've always been quite close with my parents. You probably also know that my mother died a few days before last Thanksgiving. That's been devastating. Even with all that, my Dad's done pretty well and has been able to keep a stiff upper lip. At age 75, Dad had only been in the hospital once in his life before last week when he was diagnosed with bladder cancer. The big "C" word, of course, freaked us both out when we heard it. I remember when the doctor told Mom she had breast cancer. It was a rough road after that for all of us.

Well, tomorrow, Dad will go to the hospital for some seriously major surgery to deal with the big "C." I'll try to keep you updated on this blog. I won't be updating the Stuck in the '70s site again for a bit until things calm down and I know Dad is OK. So, this will be the place to tune in to find out how things are going other than with the site.

I appreciate the kind emails I've gotten and all the understanding and patience. Just goes to show you, those of us stuck in the '70s are a good lot of good folks!

Thanks man!


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