Stuck in the '70s

Monday, September 27, 2004


As those of you who come to my site regularly and have read my diary pages know, I've always been quite close with my parents. You probably also know that my mother died a few days before last Thanksgiving. That's been devastating. Even with all that, my Dad's done pretty well and has been able to keep a stiff upper lip. At age 75, Dad had only been in the hospital once in his life before last week when he was diagnosed with bladder cancer. The big "C" word, of course, freaked us both out when we heard it. I remember when the doctor told Mom she had breast cancer. It was a rough road after that for all of us.

Well, tomorrow, Dad will go to the hospital for some seriously major surgery to deal with the big "C." I'll try to keep you updated on this blog. I won't be updating the Stuck in the '70s site again for a bit until things calm down and I know Dad is OK. So, this will be the place to tune in to find out how things are going other than with the site.

I appreciate the kind emails I've gotten and all the understanding and patience. Just goes to show you, those of us stuck in the '70s are a good lot of good folks!

Thanks man!

Monday, September 13, 2004

Being preoccupied

Good morning ladies and gents! And a fine cloudy, fall-like morning it is here in Batesville, Arkansas. Looks like we're going to get a bit of rain from Hurricane Ivan. Those poor Florida folks! Doesn't make me want to move any further south. Arkansas is enough for this midwestern Yankee.

Anyhoo ... I haven't had the time to update Stuck in the '70s lately. We had a really busy weekend. Saturday was my company's annual picnic. That was pretty cool, but it was hot and sticky all day. Then, Sunday, the oldest son invited his girlfriend over for dinner.

As far as Stuck in the '70s goes, I have uploaded Mike's new weekly "Joey" comic. Keep reading them, because if you grew up in the late '60s through late '70s, you're going to see some of your childhood there.

I'd better get the nose back to the grindstone. Thanks to everyone who's checked out my blog. I appreciate it. Stay tuned, because the Web site is only growing bigger and better, and things are really looking up for our clan!

Stay cool!

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Coming Right Along

Good morning boys and girls!

Boy, it was hard to get out of bed and get back to work after that 3-day weekend. I spent most of Labor Day working on Stuck in the '70s. I've added five new pages, and I'm quite excited about growing them! They are Audio Files, Mossville Memories, Family Photo Album, Family Recipes and Joey Comics. You can go to all of these pages from the front page. Those five new buttons are right there on top of the navigation bar.

The next couple of weekends are going to be pretty busy with company business and the company I work for, so I don't know when I'll get to do the next serious update. However, I'll keep you up to date on that in this here blog!

Stay cool,