Stuck in the '70s

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Hump Day Already, Working on Web Sites

This week is already going by so quickly; I can't believe it's already Wednesday, and only 6 more days until September, for gosh sakes! I wish Septembers in Arkansas were more like Septembers in central Illinois when I was growing up. The cool, crisp air, blue skies and colorful trees were always so refreshing. Makes me think of hikes through the woods in our "Wonder Years" suburban neighborhood and "discovering" the old Mossville cemetery. One could only get there by foot, and you could still see the old wagon path.

By the way, my pumpkin patch is looking good this year. I think I'm going to have the most sincere one, and when the Great Pumpkin visits, he's going to leave me a whole bunch of toys and candies! :).

I'm still trying to resurrect Stuck in the '70s, but it's very discouraging because so much was lost, and there is so much to try to redo. We'll get there, though -- just not in a small amount of time.

Well, I'll sign off here. More later!


  • At 10:38 AM, Blogger meerelda said…

    Hi, Julie!

    Please don't give up! Sometimes when I need a little break and a smile from my workday, I can read through a little bit of your diary and reminisce about my own childhood/teendom, and it's comforting. I grew up under similar circumstances, and really can relate to the things about which you wrote. Keep up the good work!

  • At 3:03 PM, Blogger Julie, That '70s Chick said…

    Thank you, friend, for your kind comments. I'm glad my diary can help take you back to a carefree time when you want to escape. Things are looking up for the site (check my Aug. 31 post, "State of the Site Address"). I think the site is going to be much stronger in the future because of this little cyberspace debacle!


  • At 11:28 AM, Blogger boabhan sith said…

    I like the Charlie Brown pumpkin thing.
    I've already got all my Halloween decorations up!
    There was a young lady who said,
    As her bridegroom got into the bed,
    "I'm tired of this stunt
    That they do with one's cunt,
    You can get up my bottom instead."
    Just spreading the laughter...


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