Stuck in the '70s

Monday, August 16, 2004

Creatin' a Blog

An hour ago, I wasn't really sure what a "blog" is. Now, I've created one to be a companion to my Stuck in the '70s Web site. Woo-hoo! This should be a pretty cool.

I'll plan on this to be a place where we can do some remiscin' and some commentary on the world's current state. Or whatever. I'll try to write something at least a few times a week about what's on my mind or, again ... whatever.

Let's see ... today? Today has been a real Monday. Went by very slowly at work. Mind you, I'm grateful for work. Very pleased to be employed. :) In fact, I'm going to sign off here and write more later because I've still got plenty of work to do.


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