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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Big Brother, Lemony Snicket, etc.

I had the chance to work on the Web site Sunday, but doubt I'll get to do anything with it on work nights. I'm too pooped, for one thing; and there's school work and dinner, laundry and dishes to be done.

Yesterday I borrowed the first Lemony Snicket book from the library. I think it's called "The Bad Beginning." So far so good. I can see Jim Carrey as this Count Olaf guy in the movie. I'm going to try to read all the books (10 of them) that are out before the movie comes out this holiday season.

I'm so excited that it's Tuesday. As pitiful as it sounds, my husband and I have become hooked on "Big Brother 5" on CBS. I've watched each season from BB2 on up, but this is a first for him, and he's even funnier about it than I am. We were disappointed the TiVO failed to catch Saturday night's show, but we were able to get caught up through I'm glad Nicomas put the twins up. They need to go. I think Drew or Cowboy should be next. I hated to see Will go and would like to see Marvin win the whole dang thing! Yeah, I'm hooked.

Well, thanks for staying tuned. I'll let you know as I update the site. I'm going at it a piece at a time. I have to locate lots of pictures and rescan them for many of the pages.



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