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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Band Instruments, School Supplies & Tiger Beat

This weekend, I'm going to put links to this blog on my Web site,, so I can get some feedback from visitors. NOTE TO VISITORS: If you're not nice, your comments will mysteriously disappear. So, keep it clean and friendly please.

That said ... school starts tomorrow. We've got to get a trumpet off lay away for my middle son. Ah yes, starting school band. Makes me think of Mr. Kinney and when I began fifth-grade band at Mossville Grade School, playing my dad's alto sax. I didn't like playing the sax so much, but I loved Mr. Kinney, the band director. (sigh) I specifically remember a powder blue leisure suit he'd wear with a dark blue dress shirt, white shoes and a matching white belt. Now, THAT's dreamy.

We're going to have to go shopping for school supplies tonight or tomorrow. I do love the smell of new crayons or crispy white notebook paper. New text books smell almost as good as lilacs or honeysuckle to me. Luckily, we store up school supplies in a big plastic tub each year, so we won't have too much to buy.

I won an auction on ebay this morning. I'm so excited. This little beauty is the September 1973 issue of Tiger Beat magazine. What's so special about that issue, in particular, you ask? Why, it was the first time I ever bought Tiger Beat. I had ridden my bike down to the Convenient store, saw the cover, littered with cute boys' faces, and snatched it up. It was at that moment that I fell in love with Tony DeFranco. I was 10, and Tony was 14. My husband wouldn't be born for another three months. ;)


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